ja, ja, ja, ja…. the t-1 guys

i met joe, ruben, garrett, shawn and chris while they were visiting cologne, germany. they were touring the world at the time.
that they were touring the world may sound unreal but it isn«t. check their site to see which places they visited. its unbelievable! (you may already know this)
harry and klaus at wethepeople gave them a place to sleep. me and janosch showed them some stuff in cologne, düsseldorf and heinsberg. yeah, right. heinsberg can«t even be found at`s spotlist. the woozyjam happened at the weekend and lots of people had a good time. i filmed for soulvideo and the new woozy-video so maybe you will be able to see some moving images in the near future…
i guess those guys had a good time in germany and i had some photos left in my archive. i couldn«t find a reason not to show them to you – so i did it. hope you like it. -dominik wrobel

wow, garretts unterbuxen

garrett impresses the ladies at university of düsseldorf

the video will be a must-see, i guess…

garrett is too fast to be photographed by me. anyway, janosch is in this pic

shawn elf and ruben in heinsberg at woozyjam




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