Fat Jam am 19. August 2006

Hi all,
the FAT-JAM is happening next week and it will be low-key as you’re used from us. If that is your style, we will see you on Saturday. You’re welcome to bring your own booze and your own barbeque and make sure you bring your friends too. There is no time schedule so even to slackers will make it on time. The music will be plugged in around one o‘ clock on Saturday 19 August so take that as the official opening of the FAT-JAM. Bring your favorite CD’s if you want, or maybe someone has one of those i-pods with some good shit on it that we can plug in. Don’t expect Mat Hoffman, Todd Lyons or Jay Miron to be here this year. Those times have long gone. If you want to ride your bike on some small trails, you have all day to master the doubles. There will be no one sending you off because you don’t have the right wristband or did not register.
If you ran out of beer around 8pm and fancy some more, go to OJA for 1 Euro bottled Bavaria’s. I’m sure the place will go off again like every year. If you haven’t witnessed a FAT-JAM, this is your chance to do it. It will probably suck but the party will make up for it. See you on the 19th. Bart de Jong



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