Robin Bourhis represents Wethepeople and éclat via Traffic in France. He

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Robin Bourhis Bikecheck + Video

BMX is about trying new things, right? So why don’t we try something new on the site, too? Welcome to our first ever bike check with a French rider here on – in English, nonetheless! For this special occasion we sat down with Robin Bourhis, who represents Wethepeople and éclat via Traffic Distribution in the Grande Nation. Robin is the owner of a very fresh looking whip and even came thru with a video for this bike check, which you can check out at the bottom. Merci beaucoup!

Frame: Wethepeople BUCK Frame in 20.75″ (Dillon Lloyd Signature, black)
Fork: éclat STORM XLT Fork (24mm offset, black)
Handlebars: éclat CHOCOLATE Bars in 9.25″ ((2-piece, 28′ Ø 22.2mm, Jordan Godwin Signature)
Grips: wethepeople HILT XL Grip, black
Bar Ends: wethepeople PATROL Bar Ends, black
Stem: éclat DOMAIN Frontloader Stem with 50mm offset, black
Headset: éclat WAVE 16 headset, black
Cranks: éclat SPIRE Cranks in 175mm (LSD/RSD bolt drive, 22mm), black
Bottom Bracket: éclat MID BB (22mm), high polished
Sprocket: éclat ABYSS GUARD Sprocket (28t, bolt drive), black
Chain: éclat STROKE Chain, black
Pedals: wethepeople LOGIC Pedals, black
Seat: éclat BIOS FAT Pivotal Seat, black
Seat Post: éclat TORCH Pivotal Seat Post, black
Wheels: éclat RAVEN Rims (black) laced with Salt PG Spokes to a wethepeople HELIX Front Hub (Female Axle, 36H, incl. Hubguards, black) and a wethepeople HYBRID Freecoaster-/Cassette (Regular Axle, RSD, 36H, 14mm, 9t convertible / incl. Hubguards, black)
Tires: wethepeople ACTIVATE Tires in 20″x2.35″ (100 PSI), black/white sidewall
Pegs: wethepeople TEMPER Pegs (14mm incl. 10mm Adapter 4.55″ Cr-Mo/Nylon), black
Tire pressure: 45 PSI
Modifications: none
Height: 170cm
Weight of the bike: I’ve never really thought about this. I’d say around 12kg ish.


Hey Robin, what’s up? Please introduce yourself to the people that might not know you.
Hey, my name is Robin Bourhis, I just turned 24 and I live in Fontainebleau at the moment. It’s a nice town located on the outskirts of Paris (aprox. 40min down south). Other than riding, I’m just about done with my degree in Civil and Construction Engineering and I love filming and documenting what my friends do through film photography.

Congrats on your degree! What else have you been up to lately?
I’m currently taking a few months off to film a new video project before working as an engineer.

Nice! For how long have you been riding and how did you get hooked up with Wethepeople/éclat?
I’ve been riding BMX for 10+ years and WTP/éclat have been cool enough to support me for the past 6 years. I don’t really know how all this happened, but one day I got a call from the team manager at Frenchys [Former distro for Wethepeople/éclat in France], asking if I’d be interested to ride for WTP/éclat. I was just about 16 at that time and it just seemed unreal to me, so I ceased the opportunity and I’m still as buzzing as I was back then. Then the Traffic thing came into the picture about 3 years ago and I decided to part ways with Frenchys and continue riding for WTP/Eclat thru Traffic.

Cool. What’s your local scene like?
The local scene is so good in Paris! It might not be the biggest, considering that Paris is the French capital, but everyone is just genuinely close to one another. I think that it’s paramount to have a good atmosphere in a group of people and the Parisian scene is a prime example of it. In addition to the good vibe, we’ve got some really good riders/young bloods. Brace yourself for some new projects coming your way shortly.

What/where do you usually ride and with who?
I wish I was more of an all-terrain rider and I could ride trails and big transitions, but unfortunately my playground is more in the streets. Luckily for me, Paris is stacked with amazing spots, both inside and further out of the city. The outskirts really are on whole different level in terms of spots. I usually ride in Paris with Ryoma, Asswad, PJ, Allan, Aryia, Marwan(s), March to name a few, haha.

Let’s talk about your bike. Please describe it in three words.
Really good looking, haha.

Is there anything you’re picky about with your bikes?
I’d say, that I like the aesthetic aspect, so I try to match the colors when I can, but other than that I’m not really picky in terms of geometry/specs or bike parts in general. However, I wanted to change some things here and there with this bike. First of all, I chose a smaller frame (20.75”), which feels a little more reactive. Then, I decided to go back to plastic pegs to try out new tricks/combos. Finally, I wanted to go back to a front load stem, because I love the way it looks/feels.

Your bike’s pretty much all black. Don’t you like a little color in your life?
Haha, I actually wanted to go back to a black bike, because I’d been running quite colorful bikes for the past 5 or 6 years.

Wethepeople has a wide range of frames. Why did you pick the Buck Frame in 20.75“?
WTP really does have a wide range of frames, haha, and choosing is always pretty tough. I’ve had never tried the Buck frame, so I thought I would give it a try and I’m not dissapointed at all! In addition, I wanted something a little more playful, because I had been running 21” frames for a few years.

Your bars are not that high and you’re rocking a front load stem. Why do you like a somewhat low frontend?
The front load stem had been on mind for quite a while and I just felt like trying it out again. I think that the combo (front load + 9.5” bars) is the perfect fit for me and I have to admit that I prefer the front load look too.

A lot of people prefer flangeless grips. Why did you pick grips with flanges?
Haha, that’s true, but I don’t know. I just feel like they help you catch your barspins better, because you have a sort of line separating the handlebars from the grips.

In an age where cranks seem to be getting shorter and shorter you’re running 175s. What’s up with that?
I have to admit, that I never really look at those specs, haha. I just decided to keep on running the same size of cranks that I had been running for years.

Do you have any modifications on your bike?
Not at all.

You can pump up the Activate tires to a 100 PSI. How much pressure do you run?
I usually pump them up to 45 PSI.

Why do you prefer nylon pegs over steel ones?
As a matter of fact, I had been running metal pegs for 3/4 years, because I geniuely love the street aspect that it gives to a bike. But I want to film more progressive stuff at the moment, so I opted for plastic pegs with this bike. PS: I miss the metal sound and the chinks, tho!

„I want to film more progressive stuff at the moment, so I opted for plastic pegs with this bike.“

Four pegs and a free coaster for life and do you like to switch it up sometimes?
I’m currently running the new Hybrid coaster, but I am more of a cassette guy, so I swithed it to the cassette version as soon as I got it, haha. I actually never had a freecoaster before, but since this one is convertible, I might give it a try, if the right setup pops up! I love having 4 pegs, since I like doing things in both directions, but every now and then I also like taking them off. I feel like it helps you think different ly and develop your creativeness.

What part on your bike are you most impressed about?
Tricky one that! I think I’d choose say the new Hybrid hub, because the engineering is just top-notch and a lot of my friends are running it too and they seem to be loving it.

Let’s finish this off. What’s next on your agenda?
Since I’m done with my studies, I’m going to be filming for a new video part for the next few months (end of October is my deadline).

Good luck with that! Shout-outs?
Shout-outs to Wethepeople, éclat, Traffic Distribution, Le Comptoir Bike Shop and DIY Clothing for the continuous support throughout the years. I really appreciate it, guys. Much love!

Robin Bourhis is 24 years old, lives in Fontainebleau, France and rides for Wethepeople/éclat/Traffic, Le Comptoir Bike Shop and DIY Clothing.

Photos: Léo Beauregard & Ryoma Quenot
Video: Filmed by Asswad Djailani, edited by Ryoma Quenot​



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