RIP, Gabe Brooks!

Traurige Nachrichten erreichen uns aus Kalifornien: Gabe Brooks wurde in der Nacht von Sonntag auf Montag vor seinem Haus in South Los Angeles erschossen.
RIP, Gabe Brooks!

Traurige Nachrichten erreichen uns aus Kalifornien: Gabe Brooks wurde in der Nacht von Sonntag auf Montag vor seinem Haus in South Los Angeles erschossen. Unsere Gedanken sind bei seiner Familie und seinen Freunden. Wir wünschen ihnen in dieser schweren Stunde viel Kraft.

Unter dem Hashtag #ripgabebrooks verabschiedet sich die BMX-Welt auf Instagram von einem großartigen Fahrer und spitzenmäßigen Typen, der nicht nur einen unglaublichen Pop hatte (unvergessen ist, wie er beim Bunnyhopcontest auf der Simple Session 2012 die unfassbare Höhe von 1,24 m übersprang) und die wahrscheinlich besten Superman Bunnyhops ever auf Street machte, sondern mit seiner liebenswerten Art und seinen lockeren Sprüchen jede Session in eine Party verwandelte. Ride in peace, brother!

Lucky enough to get a couple session with this dude over the years. He was one of the realist I’ve ever met in two wheels.My thoughts go out to his family and loved ones footage courtesy of @the_trip #ripgabebrooks #fuckviolence #gonebutneverforgotten #legendsneverdie

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Garrett Reynolds (@reynoldsfiend) am

Very sad to hear the news that one of the realest dudes on and off the bike mr Gabe Brooks has passed away. Gabe was shot to deadh outside of his home in the Vermont Square of Los Angeles. Words will never do such a tradegy justice. Our condolences go out to close friends and family! Ride in Peace Brother! ?? You were an inspiration to us all! BMX lost a hero but his impact will be rememered for years to come. Gabe’s direct approach to riding and life was inspirational to us all. #GabeBrooks #RIPGabeBrooks ?: @nathanbeddows / 49″ hop at the #SimpleSession12

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Simple Session (@simplesession) am

Time stood still. This was the exact moment Gabe made his presence known to the entire Bmx world. I thank my lucky stars to have witnessed this in person. #ripgabebrooks

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Zachary Alexander (@catfishvsthug) am

I make no claim that I knew Gabe well, but I could always tell that he was capable of making whatever was in his head a reality. Rest In Peace. This uprail-to-super man was shot almost six years ago to the day…

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Ryan Fudger (@fyanrudger) am

Archive share of the LA BMX legend Gabe Brooks. Gabe’s raw skill and seemingly endless amount of energy always amazed me. I’m really glad I got to share all these experiences with him. #RIPgabebrooks

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Jeff Zielinski (@jeffzphoto) am

Lost for words. RIP to a true legend Gabe Brooks. When I first met Gabe he would show up to Houston skatepark, hop on someone else’s bike and do a few laps around the bowl ending it with a huge Superman fly out. All the locals would then tell story’s about how Gabe used to ride back in the day. Fast forward a few years and he got his own bike again and quickly started making noise in the industry. I barley knew Gabe when two guys tried to jump me for my bike but Gabe was the first person to run over to help. This photo is from the end of an epic session a few years ago at a LA school, lots of good memories with Gabe but this one stands out. Gabe and I had both just got clips and we climbed on top this roof to end the day watching @ericlichtenberger get his clip. Gabe had a lot of knowledge to offer and you were guaranteed to be laughing non stop anytime you were around him. #ripgabebrooks #legendsneverdie

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Morgan Long (@yomorganlong) am

Some #Raw footage of @punchlines216 from the #TripTapeBSides. Gabe brought good vibes, unbreakable determination and a smile that we’ll always remember to every session. Thanks for the memories G. We’ll cherish them forever ?. #RIPGABEBROOKS #GENERAL #G #Skruff #OnePunch

Ein Beitrag geteilt von The Trip Apparel (@the_trip) am

Rest easy young king. Your legacy will live forever. Westside we ride. SALUTE to the GENERAL ??? #terrible #RIPgabebrooks #legendary #worldwide #rideinparadise

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Anthony „BOY“ Flores (@anthonyboyflores) am

Pouring some out for the homie that could make you laugh till you pissed yourself.. ❤️ REST EASY MY DUDE #ripgabebrooks

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Corey Martinez (@coreymartinezz) am

That smile should be smiling. Too real with @anthonyboyflores ?#RIPgabebrooks #gabebrooks

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Miles Rogoish (@mrogoish) am

Just read the terrible news about Gabe Brooks. I didn’t get to ride with Gabe much but I was able to really get to know him on a lot of other projects that didn’t involve BMX. And that’s the raddest thing about Gabe. BMX was just another thing that he was good at. Rest In Peace to one of the realest, down to earth and most genuine person. This was a project that Gabe, @whoisdylan and I worked on a few years ago. Gabe pulled this first try. #ripgabebrooks ??

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Anthony Napolitan (@anthonynapo) am

2 weeks ago. I connected with Gabe in ways that are hard to find. He was one of the smartest and most talented men I’ll ever come across. A true loss for anyone that knew him. I can’t even think straight. #ripgabebrooks

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Darryl Tocco (@darryltocco) am

#RipGabeBrooks. Thank you for the good times and wisdom you shared with all of us. You were truly one of a kind. @punchlines216 #SaluteToTheGeneral #OnePunch #Skruffy #RIP

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Ty Morrow (@tymoe) am



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