Bob Scerbo

„No showers is a small price to pay for the good times I’ve had traveling“

I went to the local dirt jumps called „the bowl“ on the other side of my town in Clifton, New Jersey. It was this big flyout jump that sunk into the ground in a U shape. I guess they should have called it the U instead of the bowl, but that is another story. Anyway, I had heard of this fourteen year old kid that could do 540’s from North Arlington which was two towns over. I couldn’t wait to see him ride as I thought I knew everyone in the area that rode. I was not disappointed as Bob was there and he was rippin it. He was trying 720’s out of the fly out, when all of a sudden he landed sideways and broke his ankle. I carried him to my mom’s Ford Country Squire station wagon and gave him a ride home. He was in alot of pain, but didn’t complain one bit. You could tell he was just pissed he wouldn’t be able to ride for while and the pain was only secondary. We bullshitted a little and he seemed like a down to earth kid. I would find out that this first impression was correct. His mom was real pissed when I got him home, but I tryed to smooth it over. This would be the first day of a relationship that has lasted the last eight years. He was the first person along with George Dosantos that was on the Animal team. Every time I see him ride he does something that I can’t even believe. He does everything fast, perfect, and smooth. He is everything that bike riding should be, all about the riding. All these other people around Bob are getting paid big bucks and buying big houses, while Bob just goes out and rides everyday and hardly gets any money for riding, but I don’t think he cares. He is a great help to me with Animal and will be a great friend and riding companion forever. –ralph sinisi

How do you feel about the destruction of Asbury pool?

i feel real shitty about it, that was just one of the many good spots we lost this year. shit happens, im happy i got to ride it for as long as i did.

Why did you decide to start Scrappin‘ zine?

To kill time in the winter between sleeping and renting movies.

Anti Hero’s F-BMX ad?

That ad was pretty funny i thought, i know alot of serious bmx guys were pissed, both sides need to grow up i think. ive been skating as long as ive been riding and i like them both, i dont really consider myself part of some goofy bmx brotherhood or anything like that, its just my hobby.

Wiz: What are some other things you are into besides riding?

sleeping late, im not sure if thats a hobby or not but i like it. shooting photos is probably my favorite thing outside of riding. i also do alot of video work, read alot and i go through phases where i skateboard alot. i really like just pedaling around cities, preferably NYC and philly, on a nice night ill go out and just cruise around doing manuals all night and be completely content.

Wiz: Who are some of the people you ride with on a day to day basis?

lately its been wiz, stricker and corey martinez when im in philly, if im in jersey usually my friend dave who i grew up riding with, george dossantos when i can get in touch with him, edwin delarosa and vinnie sammon as much as possible too.

Tinez: What does the word WAWA mean to you?

wawa is the greatest convinience store of all time, its clean and the food is great, not too mention it has the best iced tea ever. i usually never step foot anywhere else if theres a wawa around.

Wiz: Is it hard supporting your family when you are on the road? And how do you maintain a steady relationship?

a family? my girlfriend and cat? hahahahha. its really hard being away from my girlfriend and family for long periods of time, but i think they understand this is what ive been wanting to do since i started riding. all i ever dreamed about was traveling around riding spots and seeing the world. my girlfriend vanessa is amazing, i dont think there is another girl in the world who would put up with my ways. i dont think i could ever thank her enough.

Wiz: Why do all the crazy people in every city come straight to you when we are out riding together?

im not sure, but i love it. i love interacting with people and am amazed that certain people are in the state of mind they are in. i defintely have some kind of magent that attracts the crazies to me. it could be the same magnet that makes me hit my head all the time when i fall.

Wiz: How come you hit your face all the time?

i wish i knew because i would try and stop it from happening all the time, it seems like hen i fall my hands just get out of the way and let my face take all the impact.

Tinez: How often do you shower?

not often enough going by most peoples standards, if im staying in one place for a while im not too bad, but if im on the road sleeping in the car and stuff i can go as long as it takes. i’ll do anyhting not to spend money on a hotel, no showers is a small price to pay for the good times ive had traveling.

Wiz: Do you ever wash your pillow case?

no but i need to, that thing’s filthy. its been on countless trips over the last few years and i dont think its ever been washed.

Is everything gonna be alright?

i think so, i have good friends and enjoy everyday, i dont see how things could ever be bad.


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(Die übersetzung ist in Freedom #51)

Text: Rob Dolecki, Brian Wizmerski, Corey Martinez and Thomas Fritscher. Intro by Ralph Sinisi. | fotos: Rob Dolecki



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