Mini Fat Jam Aarle-Rixtel NL

It ain’t too hard to organize a jam but if you do one outdoors it strongly depends on the weather if it becomes good or bad. The Mini-FAT-JAM is the traditional opening of the outdoor season but with snow on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before the event, it wasn’t looking very good this year…

But things changed quickly and the global warming helped melt the snow in no-time. By Saturday morning it was sunny, the trails were shaped, the i-pod was programmed, people started showing up and Vans Holland fired up the barbeque!

Were we lucky? Yes we were and no-one was complaining. A strong wind in the back helped with clearing the big sets on the right but there were two other lines to pick from too. All of them saw heavy sessions but the bigger tricks happened on the big sets. 3-whips and suicide barspins from Daniel Wedemeyer, Fronties from Pim van den Bos, Backies and nosedive 360-s from Mark Vos, big whips from Barry Kohne, and everyone else pushed as hard as they wanted or possibly could.

Prizes were given out to those who rode through the big puddles, did the first one-hander, who had the ugliest bike, crashed the hardest, cleared the 6-pack for the first time, or had the biggest head. Everyone had a fair chance and it was all in good fun. If you don’t ride dirt, you still ride at the FAT-JAM. Just wait in line until it’s your turn to give it another go. Everyone rides, everyone has fun and everyone had a burger or two from the Vans BBQ.

The evening saw the Electronical premiere and two live bands. But it didn’t stop after that. OJA rules . Come check it out at the 20th edition of the FAT-JAM on 9/10 August 2008.

Text: Bart de Jong

| fotos: Bart de Jong



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