Jakub Pružinec ist ab sofort über SIBMX für Fiend unterwegs. Wir haben einen Bikecheck, ein Interview und das neue Video des slowakischen Edeltechnikers für euch.


Jakub Pružinec on Fiend X SIBMX – Video, Bikecheck & Interview


A life-long dream recently came true for Jakub Pružinec. He got hooked up with Fiend BMX via SIBMX Distro. Congratulations and well deserved! The Slowakian street rider has been killing it lately, as you can see in the video below. But first, let’s check out his new ride!

Frame: Fiend BMX Mills Frame in 21″, Trans Gloss Red
Fork: éclat STORM Fork with 20 mm offset
Handlebars: éclat CONTROLLER Bars in 9.75″
Grips: éclat PULSAR Grips
Bar Ends: éclat Bar Ends
Stem: Fiend Reynolds V3 Stem
Headset: Fiend Integrated Headset
Cranks: Fiend Team V2 Cranks (160 mm)
Bottom Bracket: éclat MID BB
Sprocket: Fiend Reynolds Guard Sprocket 25T
Chain: BSD 1991 Halflink Chain
Pedals: éclat CENTRIC Pedals
Seat: Fiend Varanyak V2 Pivotal Seat
Seat Post: Cult Counter Pivotal Seat Post
Wheels: éclat BONDI Rims laced to éclat CORTEX Front Hub and éclat SHIFT Freecoaster/Cassette
Tires: éclat CREATURE Tires in 20″x2.4″
Pegs: BSD Rude Tube XL Pegs
Tire pressure: 3,5 Bar
Modifications: back tire is on backwards
Height: 180 cm
Weight of the bike: Around 12 kg, I think

Jakub Pruzinecs Fiend X éclat Build


Hey, Jakub! What’s up? What have you been up to lately?
Few weeks ago I came back from a week long trip to Montpellier, France, where I was for the FISE event. It was really cool to see all my friends again and I had a good time with them. Besides that I am studying for my upcoming university exams.

What are you studying?
I’m studying electrical engineering at the Slovak University of Technology. Currently finishing the bachelor’s degree.

Nice! How long have you been riding for Fiend and how did the deal come about?
The guys at knew that I have Fiend bike and I really like the brand. So when I started riding for them a few months ago, they tried to contact SIBMX, which is one of the Fiend distributors here in Europe. Paths were crossed and from now on I’m representing Fiend BMX through with the help from SIBMX. It’s a dream come true for me to represent this brand. Can’t wait what the future holds.

What do you ride the most?
Most of the time I’m riding rails and ledges in the streets or at skateparks. But we don’t have a skatepark in my hometown, so me and my friends are building DIY spots all around town with rails and ledges.

„My friends and I are building DIY spots all around town with rails and ledges.“

In what sense is the frame you’re riding geared towards your style of riding?
The geometry of the Mills frame fits my riding very well. I like the look of the higher seat tube and also the longer rear end is helping me with balance tricks like manuals. It’s really good frame for tech riding, too.

You rock pretty short cranks, don’t you?
I’m running 160mm Fiend cranks. A few years ago I had to buy shorter cranks, because of the shorter rear end of the frame and they’re perfect. Since then I don’t want to switch for the longer ones.

Is there anything else you’re particularly picky about with your bikes?
I try to have my bike in the best condition possible. I hate it when something isn’t working well. Also, I’m really picky about the parts I’m riding, because I have to rely on them.

„I’m really picky about the parts I’m riding, because I have to rely on them.“

Why do you run a frontload stem? You could go for lower bars and top load stem instead. I reckon, you do this for the look, but maybe there’s another reason?
I was riding top load stems all the time in the past, but wanted to try something different this time. That’s why I went with the higher bars and a front load stem. Also, I really like the look of the front load stem more.

Why did you pick a fork with 20 mm offset and not a longer or shorter one?
I found out it’s perfect for me. Not too long and not too short.

Your seat is up pretty high. Any particular reason to run it this way?
The comfort while pedaling around on the bike. Also I like how the bike looks, when the seat is higher.

Are the Centric pedals the best pedals in the world or what?!?
It’s the first time I’m riding them, but I can already say that they’re perfect. Especially crank arm grinds are much easier, I think. Have a few spare pairs at home already.

You run the éclat Shift Freecoaster/Cassette. How’s that been holding up? And do you ever switch it up?
I wanted to try a different freecoaster mechanism and when the Hybrid system came about, I was so stoked to try it. It’s much lighter than a traditional freecoaster. I was riding the Wethepeople Hybrid hub before, but just switched it to éclat, because of the better hubguards. I never switched it to casette mode, though.

I choose nylon over steel pegs, because ..?
I like to do grinds to spins, so I have to slide as smooth as possible on rails or ledges. I think, with the steel pegs I would loose all my tricks, haha.

„I think, with the steel pegs I would loose all my tricks, haha.“

Éclat has a wide range of tires. Why go for the Creator’s in 2.4“?
I wanted to try them and I’m happy I did. I like the design and how they feel while riding the bike. Ty Morrow’s éclat tires are a good choice, too.

Speaking of tires: Why do you run your back tire backwards?
Devon Smillie inspired me to do this and it’s really helping me with balance on backward manuals. They’re my favorite trick to do. I think, when I’m doing some kind of spin to longer backward manual it’s helping me a lot.

What part of your bike would you never trade for any money in the world?
The Mills frame!

This frame fits my riding so well. Really love the geometry of the frame, which helps me with my style of riding. The colors and graphics are also very nice. It’s the best looking frame for me.

Let’s close this off. What are you up to next?
Currently I’m trying to finish my university exams and after that I want to start filming a new video part and go on as much trips as possible. I have a new camera setup, so I can’t wait to try it in the streets. Also, I would love to ride some contests during the summer.

I want to say big thanks to my friends and family for their constant support. Thank you to Ludis at Streetlife Crew for the support since the beginning and Kevin at Thank you Markus for this interview and opportunity to have a bike check on the Have fun riding your bikes. Peace:)

Jakub Pružinec is 22 years old. He lives in Ilava, Slovakia. It’s a small town on the west side of the country near Czech Republic. He rides for the Streetlife Crew (@streetlife_crew) and few months ago he also started riding for, who hooked him up with Fiend BMX via SIBMX.

Photos: David Janiga​​



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