Boyan Stoev from Sofia, Bulgaria, recently got hooked up with Tempered Goods via SIBMX. For this bike check, we take a closer look at his new ride.


Boyan Stoev on SIBMX X Tempered Goods – Bike Check & Interview

Boyan Stoev is one of the many great locals we met on the SIBMX trip to Sofia (Bulgaria) last summer. These guys are damn nice, helpful and talented that you take them straight to your heart and would like to sponsor them all right away. Bodo Hellwig from SIBMX started with this project a few months ago and first brought Hristo Iliev on board. With his partner in crime, the boonie hat connoisseur Boyan Stoev, the next Bulgarian secret weapon has now joined the team of the North German BMX wholesaler. Congratulations! For this bike check we caught up with the young man in a city where we didn’t expect him. But read for yourself…

Frame: Tempered Goods „Wrath“ in 21”
Fork: éclat „Storm“
Bars: Tempered Goods „Nordic“ in 9.66”
Grips: BSD „Dan Paley“
Bar Ends: Odyssey „Par Ends“
Brakes: none
Stem: Tempered Goods „Abyss“
Headset: Tempered Goods
Seat: Tempered Goods „Black Label“
Seat Post: Tempered Goods
Cranks: BSD „Substance“ (170 mm)
Bottom Bracket: BSD „Substance“
Pedals: BSD „Jonesin’“
Sprocket: Fiend BMX „Palmere“ (25T)
Gear Ratio: 25/9
Chain: BSD „1991“ Halflink Chain
Tires: BSD „Donnastreet“ in 2.4”
Wheels: Able
Pegs: Cult Butter
Modifications: none
Tire Pressure: 53 PSI (3.6 Bar)
Weight: appr. 12 kg
Height: 185 cm

Boyans Tempered Wrath Build in 21"
Boyan’s Tempered Wrath Build in 21″


Hey Boyan, what’s up? How’s life been for you lately?
Hey! It’s all good, definitely can’t complain where I am in my life right now. In October I moved to Barcelona with my girlfriend to do a Masters and I am having amazing time here. A few years ago when I visited the city for the first time, I said to myself that that’s a place I would love to live in for a while. And here I am. It’s been a pretty intense experience because I am always trying to spend as much time as possible on the bike but also balance it with university and all the hours that go there. It’s a good way to learn how to set priorities focus on the things that are most important. I am enjoying every bit of it!

So living in BCN, is there anything you miss about home?
The plan for now is to stay here only for about a year, and that’s not a lot of time. So I am trying to get the most of what I have here, rather than thinking about what’s missing. But of course I would always miss my family and riding with the homies. It was pretty nice that both came to visit me in Barcelona though.

„I am trying to get the most of what I have here, rather than thinking about what’s missing.“

Rumor has it, you started a trend in the Bulgarian BMX community by always wearing a boonie hat when you ride. That thing most come on handy in sunny Barcelona, doesn’t it. Why did you start rocking it?
It all started out of convenience. When I ride I have to deal with my hair somehow. I used to wear regular caps but they often fall when I do a trick and that’s pretty annoying. I bought a boonie once to give it a try and it turned out to be a very practical solution because of the chin strap it had. Since then when I see one that I like, I buy it. 

I was also told, when you find a bike part you like, that’s all you will ride and you’ll replace it with the same one when it brakes. So getting an all new bike must have been quite a shock for you, right?
When there’s a part that I really like, I usually keep riding it because I get used to a particular geometry and feel of my bike that’s comfortable. But on the other hand, it inevitably happens sometimes that I have to put a new part. I stay open for that as well because, after all, that’s the only way you can compare parts and understand what suits you best. That being said, getting a new bike was rather exciting. I was curious to try a longer chainstay and a little mellower head tube angle than I usually ride. It turned out great for me! 

You recently got hooked up with Tempered Goods via SIBMX. How did that come about?
I guess it all started when SIBMX crew visited Sofia and rode at a jam organised by our local BMX store. They stayed for about two weeks so we could ride and hang out together. A few months later I got an email out of nowhere from Bodo, the person behind SIBMX. He asked me if I wanted to join SIBMX and represent Tempered Goods. Sure I was down for joining such a sick crew! Didn’t expect it to be honest. 

Please describe your new ride in three words.
Source of joy.

„Source of joy.“

Why did you choose the Wrath in 21“ from the range of Tempered frames?
I ride mostly street, so I picked the frame that is designed for that. The Wrath frame has the most responsive geometry from their range and suits my needs the best. It rides pretty well on the trials and bowls as well though.

I was told by a little birdie, that you are very particular about your handlebar adjustment. Care to elaborate?
First I align it with the angle of my fork and then I push it just a degree or so forward. Everything is precisely measured by eye! 

I also heard you won’t ever ride an all black bike, so I guess the look of your whip is important to you. Can you explain why?
I like my bike to look clean but it’s difficult for me to imagine riding an all-black one. I always prefer to have some colour. I would say that the bike is an essential part of every rider’s being and in a way it expresses a part of his style and identity. I guess what I have to express is best expressed through a little colour. 

Is there anything else you’re picky about?
Stems. I have a really hard time choosing a stem that I like visually. I used to ride the same model for years. Thankfully I am pretty stoked about how my new stem looks, especially the Tempered graphics on top that reads the same way, no matter if you are looking from behind or in-front of the handlebar. That impressed me when I noticed. 

You also seem very particular about your tire pressure. Why is that?
It depends on the tires I ride but I said 53 psi as an average because I often pump it up to 55 but then release a little bit. I like to have a good amount of pressure so I feel my bike firm, especially for bigger spots. If I end up at the trails or a bowl, I put some more. 

Have you ever run brakes? If so, why did you take them off?
That was a lifetime ago. I had a rear brake on my first complete bike when I was 12 or 13 years old. I wanted to remove it from the beginning because all the good riders I was watching didn’t have brakes . I kept it for some months because my parents were worried about me riding on the busy streets without a proper way to stop. After some negotiations I managed to persuade them that I don’t need brakes and there are other ways to stop pretty quickly, so I removed it. I think my mom’s anxiety never went away so shoutout to her for always supporting and respecting my decisions! 

Is your chain loose on purpose in the pictures or did you forget to tighten it?
It’s not on purpose. I actually prefer to keep it tight and silent. 

Tell us a little bit about your wheels? What’s Able?
Best wheels I’ve ever had for sure! Able is a brand from Sofia, Bulgaria that tremendously supports the local scene since day one. When it comes to wheels, that’s the way to go. They recently released some other parts such as sprockets and chains that are pretty sick too!

Give us three good reasons to run plastic pegs instead of steel ones.
They sound smoother, grind smoother, keep the spots in tact for longer. I respect metal megs as well. It’s just my preference. 

You really didn’t have to modify anything on your bike? Everything’s perfect? Or is it, that you can ride any- and everything?
Everything was just fine the way it came. I only shortened my handlebar, if you consider this a modification. 

Let’s finish this off. What’s on your agenda for the upcoming weeks?
I am often debating whether to use my available time to go to the skatepark and practice tricks or to go street and try to get a clip. I feel like I want to focus a bit more on street riding in the following weeks and check off some spots I’ve been thinking about for a while. 

To everyone that contributes to BMX in any way and make this sick life possible! 

Boyan Stoev is 23 years old, lives in Sofia, Bulgaria) , and rides for SIBMX X Tempered Goods, Skilldash Footwear, Able BMX Co., and OneUp BMX.



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